Sometimes man just has to argue.
– Battle of arguments is rarely won, because conflict just isn’t the way to solve problems – somebody once said.
But hey, that all sounds good in theory. Reality is, fortunately, something entirely different. Sometimes, if you want to save self respect you gotta fight.
– We have difference of opinion. – she said to me before she ran away.
– That’s democracy darling… – I replied.
Democracy is a good thing. You can always hide yourself behind her. And, as not so many other words, it sounds REALLY good. Actually it sounds so good that sometimes it seems like prayer. Excuse for fanaticism; almost like religion.
There, you got it. I admit, I have a problem with democracy. She allows everyone to have an opinion and that’s fine with me unless I don’t have to deal with idiots. And those most often like to impose their respected opinions on me in that early hours of the morning when a man wants to finish his burger and order his sixth beer in a row.
I am not an American. And I don’t live in United States. I am also not an Ancient Greek, to know the real meaning of that overused term, but I’m a guy who likes to travel, who respects differences, and like to have fun.
I like girls, like to seduce them, like to fuck them, like to talk to them and I don’t like when somebody’s respected opinion got in my way of doing it. Democracy is funny thing; she gives me right to fuck off that boring philosophical people that will never get laid. Because on that early hours of the morning, philosophers sleep alone.
Even in this country that was torn by war that is STILL torn with historical weight of all wars that were ever led on Balkans peninsula – smile stays on. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, stories on this page in future will be fictional, but it will be experienced in the backside of the world. And there, believe me, the biggest problem are opinions, not democracy. Because when everybody’s opinion must be the right one, democracy fails.
Tolerance and respect are usually forgotten.
And then this backside of the world starts to smell bad.
Then, the title is explained.
Then, the conflict is imminent.


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